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I AM AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN A DREAMER. No matter how many knocks I’ve taken on the road to fulfilling my dreams, I always manage to get up again.  It hasn’t always been easy; in fact, it’s never been easy. 


As a child growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts, not too far from Dr. Seuss's Mulberry Street, I didn't know that we were lower middle-class nor would I have cared. What I didn’t like was being the brunt of my parents' frustration. “Elizabeth, you can’t live on love, you know!” My father screamed. “Why don’t you try it sometime!” I screamed back.  I screamed a lot back then because it seemed like nobody ever heard me but; in fairness to my parents, I was quite the precocious child.

I was fortunate to have a retreat.  It was the wonderful children’s library that I inherited from wealthy Bostonian cousins.  The books became my refuge and I credit each and every one of them with whom I’ve become today. For instance, the book “Straw Hat Summer” taught me about Summer Stock and working in the theater, kindling my desire to act.


In 1984, I packed up everything I owned and moved to Los Angeles. Since then, you've seen me in featured, co-star, and recurring roles on ER, GENERAL HOSPITAL, LA LAW, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, and starring roles in my own projects. I lived my dream of being an actress for 18 years before I decided to re-focus on my first passion, writing. 


In the past 10 years, I published the self-help book, “Little Fish in a Big Pond – A Support Guide for Actors.”  I wrote and produced a feature film “Fixing Rhonda,” based on my true story, as well as two other short films, "Nothing As It Seems" and "The Perils of Perfume" which I also directed.

Much of the last 10 years were busy caregiving for my elderly parents. First by flying to Florida a lot, then finally moving them to be near me Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 15 years ago and it was time for our roles to reverse. Dad passed in 2017, and Mom last year. I was her primary caregiver. I'm happy to say that during these ten years, my parents and I really got to know and appreciate each other.  Win-win.

I am currently creating picture books and easy readers, binge-watching interesting television, and trying to cure myself of sugar addiction.  I am a proud member of SCBWI and CBI.

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