Picture Books and Easy Readers

in various degrees of readiness...

These are books and ideas that I have been working on for years, or months, or days.  If you are interested in anything you see, let me know and I will ferociously whip it into the best shape for you. There are two themes that take center stage in my writing: 'Tolerance', and 'Self-Esteem'.  It's probably a little crazy to list books that are not yet ready, but when is anything really finished?   I work hard at writing, editing, and revising my work and always welcome the challenge to becoming the best I can be.


LUCKY THE COCKROACH - Poor Lucky needs to sleep but he wanders into the wrong house where Mrs. Krunchit is out to get him!

THE PEOPLE COLLECTOR - Some people collect frogs, stamps, coins, but not Kiki Kubler.  She collects people and invites them all to her eighth birthday party.

RUMBLEBUM - Rumblebum hates her name. When the kids at school make fun of her, she refuses to return. Only then do her parents tell her that Rumblebum is only a nickname.

LARRY LOVES LOX ON SUNDAYS - Bagels and lox are a Sunday tradition at Larry the dog's house.  This is a book about Jewish traditions and what happens to Larry's digestive tract when he eats too much.

WHO ATE THE CHAROSET?  - It's Larry again with a sick stomach from eating too much Charoset (off the table) on Passover.

THE SOMERSAULT QUEEN - All Daisy wants is to be the best at something, but she's not.  When her grandmother teaches her to do underwater somersaults, she earns the title of The Somersault Queen and her Grandma's tiara.

THE NOSE THAT LEFT IT'S FACE - A nose leaves its face to find the perfect nose.  After visiting hundreds of different noses, he/she realizes that he/she is the perfect nose for its face.


THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM WEARS TUTUS - All of Ben's stuff, his sneakers, his cell phones, his homework, are buried under Alfred.  There is no way he can go to school, well, until he tells Alfred his secret.

RAINBOW ROOSTER - Rainbow Rooster isn't like the other chickens...he's colorful and flamboyant and he's a .......henster!  (That's a cross between a chicken and a rooster).

A MILLION AND ONE MILES - A pair of eyes go their separate ways to find their own happiness before they learn that they work better together.


It's Howdy Doody Time!


ROCK & SHELL FOREVER FRIENDS - Formerly titled "The Adventures of Rocco and Jellie", this was the first book I wrote and still the one I love the most.  I am waiting for the time when someone feels the same way as I do about it.  When Rocco from the ocean, meets Jellie from the sand, they become best friends, even though rocks and shells are not supposed to mix.  When separated by a humanpeep, they both face fear of the unknown on the journey to find each other again.


RAISING JACK - Jack is a delightful Golden Retriever without a home.  As he sets out to find his mother, he is met with many obstacles. After finding his mom at an animal shelter, he must find a way to save her and his sister. Scheduled to be put to sleep, he is rescued at the last moment and eventually finds a place and an owner to call his own. This book is what I imagined my rescue dog's first six months to be.  


THE SQUIRREL WITH THE GREEN COLLAR - Baby squirrel is captured by a tree cutter as a pet for his son's birthday. They take care of him for a while, then forget about him.  He escapes and runs into a gang of bully squirrels who dare him to become one of the 'suicide squirrels'.  He doesn't want to but he doesn't have any other friends, until a girl squirrel befriends him and tells him the bullies are wrong!

SASHA'S NEW BOOTS - Based on the first play I wrote, this is the true story of my grandfather's brother in Russia, when the Russian army took over the fields in their backyard during the Bolshevik Revolution.

Art Work by Illustrator Shanz Boilini

"Anything I've ever needed to know, I learned at the library."

                           Lizzie Maxwell